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About Us

STELLA MODA was borne of my love for travel. As I browsed the historic cities and medieval towns of Italy, I was impressed by the quality, style, and colors of the leather bags. In Morocco, I was captivated by the centuries-old leather tanning process and leather bags with a distinctly Moroccan flair. In South Africa, I saw a dazzling array of colorful bags and jewelry crafted using natural materials.

I personally select both classic and unique bags. All leather bags are real leather – not "vegan" or "faux" leather. ​I purchase limited quantities and sell online and directly at events, home parties, fund raisers, and pop-ups in the Washington, DC area.

After traveling, there's nothing better than returning home to my own bed with my luxurious bamboo sheets. Cool Bamboo 1800 count bamboo sheets are soft, comfortable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and non-pilling. Try one set and you'll come back for more!

STELLA MODA is your source for affordable leather bags and accessories from around the world, and bamboo sheets for better sleep!

Shipping is free for orders of $150 or more within the USA. Free local pickup is available in Northern Virginia.

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