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STELLA MODA was born of my love for travel. As I browsed the historic cities and medieval towns of Italy for souvenirs, I was impressed by the quality, style, and colors of the leather bags that Italy is known for. Stella Moda's primary product is Italian leather bags, but as I travel, I am always on the lookout for unique bags and accessories to add to my collection. 


In Morocco, I visited the centuries-old leather tanneries inside the 8th century walled city of Fes. I was captivated by the old-world tanning process and the leather bags with a distinctly Moroccan flair. In South Africa, I saw a dazzling array of colorful bags crafted using traditional African cloth.


I personally select beautifully classic and exquisitely unique bags. All leather bags are real leather – not “vegan” or “faux” leather. ​I purchase limited quantities and sell online and directly at events, home parties, fund raisers, and pop-

ups in the Washington, DC area. Shipping is free throughout the USA.


STELLA MODA is your source for unique, affordable leather bags and accessories from Italy and around the world!

Lynda Express Jet Vivid.jpg

Boarding a flight in Morocco

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